Almost a Billionaire Series

Finding Faith, Book One

Two decades ago, Mary’s mom walked out.

A few days later, her dad started drinking. He never stopped.

Mary swore off alcohol. She also decided she’d never have kids, just in case she took after her parents.

A year ago, Mary’s boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t want kids.

Yesterday, for the first time in a year, Mary met someone.

Someone hunky. Someone smart. Someone who made her goofy smile. Someone who sent a shiver up her spine.

Tomorrow she’s going on a first date.

She won’t find out he’s a widower with two kids for at least two more days.

Then what?


Finding Cupid, Book Two

Opposites may attract, but can they stand each other once they do?

There are two things event planner Geo Polson will not do. She won’t plan weddings, and she will not date. No exceptions.

Billionaire venture capitalist Trig Thornton doesn’t live by hard and fast rules. After all, you don’t finish first by staying in your lane. But when his best friend forces him to help plan a bachelor party, he doesn’t expect to be smitten by the feisty wedding planner.

Geo’s already broken one cardinal rule at the behest of her bestie. There’s no way she’s going to so much as bend another. But Trig isn’t easily dissuaded, and he’s made it his business to help Geo relax and have some fun. Will he heal Geo’s wounded heart, or are her rules the only thing keeping her safe?


Finding Spring, Book Three

Life’s never perfect, but sometimes love can be. 

Trudy’s life is a wreck.

She has no job, no husband, no college degree, a sick son, and a stack of medical bills. Her family and friends keep trying to set her up, but Trudy turns them down flat. She’s got a foolproof plan this time around. She won’t go out for so much as a latte until she graduates, finds steady work, and pays off all her debt.

Mr. Perfect will have to wait, because Trudy has no time for nonsense.

After weeks of looking, she finally lands a paying job. It’s only an interim assistant position, but it comes with medical insurance. Everything is going exactly according to plan.

Until she meets her new boss.

He’s hotter than an August day in Atlanta, and his expert flirting melts Trudy’s resolve. But can her boss really be Mr. Right if she meets him at the wrong time and in the wrong place?


Finding Liberty, Book Four

Billionaire heiress Brekka Thornton is headed for Olympic fame and glory until a car accident destroys all her plans. She redirects her efforts toward conquering the business world with her brother Trig, closing the door on her old life without a backward glance.

An IED blast sends Rob Graham back to the US with a purple heart and a broken back. After a miraculous recovery, he returns home to find that his dad needs him to run the family business. Rob never hesitates, even though he hates car sales more than pop up ads.

When Brekka’s brother proposes to Rob’s best friend, their paths are destined to cross at the upcoming wedding. Even so, Rob isn’t prepared for Brekka to roll into his life and turn it inside out. Brekka takes Rob to task for slighting her brother, but he’s distracted by her flashing eyes and captivating dimple. He can’t bear the thought of watching her leave his office, so Rob asks her to dinner.

Brekka hasn’t been on a date since the car accident, and Rob’s quick wit and winning smile unnerve her. She resolves to head home and duck back into hiding where the world is safe. Rob ought to let her go. He isn’t nearly good enough for the highly educated Brekka, but he didn’t become a Marine by quitting when things look bleak.

Can love mend these two broken spirits, or will the weight of the past shatter them beyond repair?


Finding Holly, Book Five

Once a bad boy, always a bad boy?

James Fulton is not a nice man. His dad taught him to destroy things, and he enjoyed doing it. When he was kicked out of Harvard for cheating, he could have taken it as a wake up call.

He didn’t.

Paisley finds joy in simple things: snow cones, roller skates, kids. She doesn’t have an ambitious bone in her body, but her friends don’t mind. She cheers them on when they’re up and supports them when they’re down. Everyone loves Paisley, and for good reason.

She’s always there when you need her.

When Paisley and James meet at a friend’s wedding, no one expects sparks to fly. They’re far too different to ever be a good fit.

Everyone is wrong.

But Paisley has a secret. Something none of her friends know. When that secret calls her home, she must face all the things she has ignored. She needs help to survive, but asking for it will expose the truth she has been hiding.

Her family has a debt, and to her great dismay, the debtor is business piranha James Fulton.



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