Abigail and Amanda may have married brothers, but they have almost nothing else in common (and really, they never did get along very well). After their husbands both pass away within a year of one another, they have no reason to interact. Their connection drops to an awkward phone call on birthdays and an exchange of holiday cards. 

Until an eccentric uncle of their husbands’ leaves a massive cattle ranch to the women’s minor children. . . if they work the ranch themselves. A ranch that’s located near a small town on the Wasatch front that isn’t too keen on outsiders.

They’re both going to turn the bequest down, clearly. It’s not like either of them could properly raise their kids or find love again in a backwater province like Birch Creek. But when things at home change dramatically—for both moms—they decide to give it a try. . . just for the summer.

What could possibly go wrong in a mere three months? (Or more importantly… what might go right?)



Abigail made a sacred vow before her husband passed, a vow she could never, would never, break. But life hasn’t been easy without him by her side, and her children grow and change more with every passing day. Sometimes it feels like the world is passing her by, like she’ll be lonely forever.

Amanda thinks Abigail’s husband, as perfect as he may have been, was wrong to ask what he did. She thinks it’s time for Abigail to move on, but Amanda has problems of her own to tackle that make it hard to preach. Her business is flailing and her daughters are spinning out of control. Every single time Abigail’s children win another award and ace another test, it twists the dagger of past hurt a little more.

Can these two sister-in-laws-turned-friends help one another see the value of honoring the past while also moving into the future with grace and hope?