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Addy really needs a raise, like yesterday. Thanks to a mountain of school debt, she’s heartily sick of being broke. So when she discovers she’s being considered for a promotion? She’s GIDDY.

Until she finds out that she needs to bring in accounts of her own, or she doesn’t stand a chance.

Unfortunately, the only person she knows who might need a PR company is her ex from high school. She’d almost rather die than ask for his business, especially given the mess he’s created. But when she finally steels up her nerve and asks Ben if her company can help, she’s in trouble.

Many things have changed since high school, but their chemistry hasn’t. It’s as explosive as it ever was. Can Addy remember all the reasons things didn’t work the first time around? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Publisher’s Weekly said, of Finding Grace, “Baker narrates this story through the viewpoints of two central protagonists, skillfully blending romance with their career development, and the captivating plot unfolds smoothly from the start. Baker excels at writing dialogue and depicting the inner thoughts of her characters. The text is fluid, making it easy to follow, and accurately portrays the personalities of the story’s characters.”

“As a romance novel, Finding Grace explores the popular trope of enemies turned lovers. The reason for the characters’ initial conflict is rooted in their parents’ behaviors, which is a common theme found in similar stories. As the story progresses, the characters demonstrate significant personal growth. Whether it’s discovering the true meaning of love or embracing their independence, the main players possess a captivating charm that makes the novel enjoyable.”



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★Mary’s sworn off ever having children. Can one very hot and very persistent single father change her mind? ★

Two decades ago, Mary’s mom walked out. A few days later, her dad started drinking. He never stopped. Mary swore off alcohol. She also decided she’d never have kids, just in case she took after her parents.

A year ago, Mary’s boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t want to have any children.

Yesterday, for the first time in a year, Mary met someone. Someone hunky. Someone smart. Someone who made her goofy smile. Someone who sent a shiver up her spine.

Tomorrow she’s going on a first date.

She won’t find out he’s a widower with two kids for at least two more days. Can she overcome her fear and find the faith to trust someone else. . .and herself?



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Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is for chumps.

Geo never plans weddings.

Corporate retreats, fundraisers, birthday parties, and even the occasional engagement party? Sure. But weddings? Not anymore.

She never dates, either. Not under any circumstance.

These two rules keep her safe. They maintain order, and Geo needs a predictable life.

So when her best friend Paisley tries to convince her to plan just one wedding, Geo turns her down flat. Until a clinical trial opens up—one that might save (a little bit of) her mother’s future. But it costs money, and the only event planning that pays that kind of money is a wedding.

After all, how bad can it be to make an exception just this once?



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Life gave her lemons, so Trudy chucked them back.

Trudy’s life is a wreck. No job, a sick son, and a thick stack of unpaid medical bills.

Her family and friends keep trying to set her up. (As if a man will solve all her problems!) Trudy shuts them all down, because she’s got a foolproof plan this time around. She won’t go out for so much as a latte until she graduates, finds steady work, and pays off all her debt.

After weeks of looking, she finally lands a paying job. It’s only an interim assistant position, but it comes with medical insurance. Everything is going exactly according to plan.

Until she discovers someone is stealing from her new boss. Trudy reluctantly agrees to help him catch the thief—after all, if the business fails, she’s out of work—but it grows harder and harder to ignore one tiny detail. Her boss is hotter than a summer day in Atlanta, and he’s flirting with her.

But she will not be distracted from what really matters, not this time. She already learned her lesson the hard way—he isn’t Mr. Right if you meet him at the wrong time. Can she stay the course? Or will she find that sometimes the best things in life aren’t on the checklist?



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There are some wounds time just can’t heal.

Brekka Thornton is headed for Olympic fame and glory until a car accident destroys all her plans. She redirects her efforts toward conquering the business world with her brother Trig, closing the door on her old life without a backward glance. She’s happy working with him—hacking up companies and rearranging the pieces becomes a new way of life.

Until Trig confesses that he’s moving to Atlanta.

For the first time, Brekka considers an experimental surgery that could restore the use of her legs. She doesn’t want to be left behind, not again, not by the one person she really loves.

But is it worth the risk for a chance to walk again? Can Brekka accept her past and embrace her future? Or will her fear cost her everything that matters?



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Home is where the heart … was broken.

Paisley finds joy in simple things: snow cones, roller skates, smiling children. She doesn’t have an ambitious bone in her body, but her friends don’t mind. She cheers them on when they’re up and supports them when they’re down.

Everyone loves Paisley, and for good reason. She’s always there when you need her.

But Paisley has a secret.

And none of her friends know anything about it.

When that secret calls her home, she must face all the things she has ignored. She needs her friends’ help, but asking for it will expose the truth she has been hiding. Her family owes a debt, and to her great dismay, the debtor is someone her friends dislike immensely. . . shrewd business mogul James Fulton.

Can Paisley confront the demons she left behind and repair the damage from her departure? Or will her mistake cost her family everything?



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There’s no place (that really feels) like home.

Cole’s mother married the Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein when he was only three years old. When his step-father’s failing health requires Cole to step in and help out, he does it without complaint, knowing he can never ascend the throne. When his step-father offers to adopt him, Cole knows it’s unlikely the other members of the Princely Family will ever accept an adopted heir.

Even so, part of him wants to try.

Beth grew up surrounded by loving siblings and doting parents, but she wasn’t born into this idyllic family. When her biological mother reaches out, explaining that she’s a pop star in Europe, Beth feels as if fate has orchestrated their reunion. Her bio mom is impressed with Beth’s skill at the piano and invites her to join the European tour. Beth jumps at the chance.

The reality isn’t quite the dream she imagined.

When Beth finds herself in a jam in the middle of Europe, can Cole rescue the damsel in distress, even though he’s not actually a prince? And can Cole and Beth find the true meaning of home. . . together?



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Gone. . . but not forgotten?

Amy loved everything about her mom: her smile, her smell, her gentle laugh. On the day her mom died, it felt as though the sun went dark. Her dad bought a house with wheels and they started moving, but no matter how many new places they went, the sun never came back out.

At least, not until Mary showed up and handed Amy a box of Froot Loops.

Amy loved Mary from the very first day—almost as much as her dad did.

Amy began calling Mary “Mom” shortly after the wedding without a second thought. After all, Mary cared for her, taught her, and loved her, all the things that moms do. But when her mom’s sister comes to visit, Aunt Anica has plenty of questions.

And now, Amy does too.

Does loving Mary mean Amy doesn’t love her real mom? Or is there somehow room for all the love Amy feels in her heart?



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Keeping score is the quickest way to lose. 

Anica Maggard was born under a lucky star. Her big sister became her very best friend. Her debut novel was an instant bestseller. She lived in the apartment of her dreams at the age of twenty-five.

But luck changes. . . and sometimes it runs out entirely.

Cancer steals her sister, and that loss robs Anica of her words. Years later, she still can’t even find the desire to search for them.

Ethan Trainor coasts through life, trading on his boyish grin, cerulean eyes, and ample trust fund to succeed. No one has ever bothered to peel back the façade and discover that Ethan’s glorious life didn’t begin with a silver spoon.

It began with bars on his windows.

A boiling rage simmers just below the surface, and when the demons from his past swing back around, that fury threatens to consume him.

When fate drags Ethan to Atlanta to confront his past and Anica there to search for her future, can they both find the peace they need to let go? Or will they lose what really matters in the process?



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