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A love story that sets the world on fire. . . Literally.

Elizabeth spent her life preparing for the worst. As one of the fiercest MMA fighters in the USA, nothing scared her.

Until the dragons came.

To save her younger siblings, Liz makes a deal with the dragon prince sent to destroy them all. She also makes secret plans to take him down. But the more she learns and the deeper she gets, the more confusing things become.

The dragon prince isn’t who she thought he was, and Liz begins to wonder what happens when an avenging angel falls for the devil himself.

If you like dragon shifter romance, then this totally unique new series will knock your scaly socks off.



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When the spark of first love might reduce the world to ash. . .

Elizabeth’s path has not been safe, nor has it been easy. When the dragons came, she was ensnared by a dragon prince. She fought his rule at every turn, but protecting her loved ones left her vulnerable.

But now she’s discovered a secret their leader has been desperate to hide.

And the dragon prince has uncovered the truth about her past.

Can these two—a human and a dragon—work together to discover the heart the dragons need to survive, or will their digging destroy the world in the process?

If you liked the first book in the Dragon Captured series, prepare for new and deeper damage as you follow Liz on her journey to salvation. . .and a very uncommon love.