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Kristiana Liepa was supposed to use the money to save her family farm. She was NOT supposed to spend it all to save a massive, black stallion.

But when she saw how he was being treated, what’s a vet to do?

She had no idea that gorgeous beast was really a powerful (and morally gray) magician who had been cursed by a witch, or that she was the only one who could reverse the curse.

And she couldn’t possibly have known how that one rash decision would irrevocably change her life. . . and his.

Need a little more information to make up your mind? Read a trade review and a longer description below:

Publisher’s Weekly said, “My Queendom for a Horse is an intriguing paranormal romance with a fresh and fun setup. [R]eaders will enjoy both the magical and romantic elements. The story of a shapeshifting horse is undoubtedly unique. The author puts a dynamic spin on fairytale tropes, while her knowledge and love of horses is evident throughout. A strong, confident female character takes center stage in this novel with her ability to talk to a cursed horse.”

And here’s the longer book description:

Kristiana’s father has a gambling problem. After a particularly bad hand of cards puts their family’s land in jeopardy, her dad’s solution is to call her billionaire ex. But Kris can’t bring herself to beg him for money. At least, not her first time seeing him in ten years. Instead, she withdraws her life savings and bets on herself.

Thankfully, it pays off! She and her most promising horse win big at the Down Royal steeplechase in Ireland, but only because the best horse on the track wasn’t ridden properly. Luckily, it’s just enough to grant a stay of execution with the bank. Or it would be. . .

But when Kris realizes her nemesis is abusing the gorgeous black stallion who should have won, she can’t help herself. She spends her winnings buying the horse she fell for the moment she saw him. It may not be the smartest move in the short run, but Obsidian Devil’s her best hope of finally digging out from under the massive debt hanging over them. She’ll have to ask her ex to help with the next payment, but seeing him again won’t be so bad.

What Kris doesn’t know is that her new purchase is actually a powerful magician, stuck in horse form by a witch’s curse. She also has no idea that she’ll be the only person who can help him lift the curse. . . And worst of all, that helping him may mean losing the family farm for good.



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Mirdza Strelkova should have minded her own business on the long train ride, because she knew just how nasty violent men could be. Or perhaps that’s precisely why she stepped in to help the frightened mother and terrified child.

But in her wildest dreams, she never imagined she’d be tossed out the window of a moving train, broken and bleeding. And she never could have predicted the dark horse who would come to her aid or the comeback story that lay before them both.

Publisher’s Weekly said, “My Dark Horse Prince is a fast-paced, action-filled romance with bonus elements of fantasy and mob violence. This action-packed fantasy romance follows Mirdza Strelkova and her shape-shifting love interest, Grigoriy. The narrative will ensnare readers from the start, traveling a twisty road that culminates in a cliffhanger ending—though the conclusion’s loose ends may be disappointing to some, given the sheer length of the novel.

Baker’s prose is clear, distinct, and descriptive overall, facilitating the fast-moving plot. The book’s unique combination of romance and fantasy is appealing, but more clarity and explanation as to the nature of the story’s magic would be helpful. Readers should be aware of trigger warnings given the profuse domestic violence scattered throughout.

Overall, the characters were complex and compelling, and Baker’s choice to feature a strong female character who is in a wheelchair was refreshing.”



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Adriana’s stuck between a rock and a very hard, very dangerous place. It’s not the first time she’s ever been in trouble, but it is the worst.

When her twin sister Midza calls and tells her she’s going to be killed unless Adriana surrenders herself in half an hour, Adriana figures she doesn’t have much to lose.

But she has no idea how much excitement her future holds, or whose protection she’s about to awaken.

The scrappy fighter who has vowed never to date or marry is about to meet her match in the highest horse-shifter in existence—the displaced Czar of Russia himself, Alexei Romanov.



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From birth, Katerina had everything. Born into a wealthy family, she received an impeccable education, and luck gave her both intelligence and beauty.

Until she screwed it all up by falling for the wrong guy.

Cursed by the same incident as Aleksandr, Grigoriy, and Alexei, when Katerina finally wakes, the world’s practically unrecognizable. She also can’t use her magical powers or shift into her horse form without villainous intervention.

When Katerina discovers the information her powerful and vindictive ex has been searching for, will she use it to destroy him or regain his good opinion? The last time, she bet on the wrong horse, and she doesn’t plan to make the same mistake twice. But how can she be sure of the winner before the race is over?




Izzy Brooks has not always had the easiest life. Her dad died when she was young, and their entire family moved halfway across the country to work a ranch. Strangely, that turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

When she doesn’t get into vet school, and her boyfriend’s facing charges at work, and her heart horse dies, it feels like her life’s falling apart all over again. So when she sees a horse that’s about to be put down for poor behavior, she decides to take a gamble. Maybe she can train him into something decent and earn the money she needs to help her boyfriend.

But this stallion isn’t just a mess—he acts like he’s never even been a horse before. If he wasn’t such a stunning sorrel with a perfect mane, tail, and blaze, she’d release him into the wild and walk away. But she knows what it’s like to feel like her options are limited. So when no one’s looking, she sneaks him into her trailer and runs away, determined to turn this horse’s life around and change her own fate at the same time.

What she doesn’t know is that she just stole the world’s most powerful magician, who’s only temporarily trapped in an unfamiliar horse form, and when he finally breaks free, there will be hell to pay.